On Ålshults manor, you can relax in a beautiful and tasty mansion environment with elegant and cozy rooms, a spacious  historic drawingroom and a pleasant dining room, which has a breathtaking view over the English park.


Room Paeonia:

Purple and pink colours characterise Maggie’s former stateroom and together with classic furniture and English wallpaper form a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Enjoy the sunrise over the park or relax on the grand terrace when the sun sets.

Room Hemerocallis:

The yellow and orange colouring of this room creates a warm and light environment. Maggie’s old bedroom is located on the ground floor and is a corner room with windows facing south and southeast, both of which with a view over the English park.

Room Helleborus:

Nuances of green and beautiful furniture details contribute to a charming guest room, and the style of the room match the style and atmosphere in the rest of the house as well as the garden.


Ålshults mansion, which was built in the 18th century as a regular private villa and later on in the 1930s became Maggie Stephens’ residence, has undergone a cautious renovation, where great care has been given to conserve history and personality, while at the same time various colours and classic furniture, English wallpaper and beautiful details contribute to a unique and vibrant mansion environment, which in turn compose the most colourful mansion in Småland county.


The rooms face all directions and infuse the tenants with natural calm. Close the door behind you, listen from the inside for a moment and you are likely to hear nothing but your own breathing. Open the windows and enjoy the park’s enchanting tranquility and magical verdure, inspiring flowers or the silent darkness of the night, all of which with a pond full of water lilies as your closest neighbour.


Take the opportunity to live as Ms. Maggie Stephens did in her time. Go out on an excursion, walk or cycle for a few hours and thereafter enjoy her salon or the grand garden terrace with some classic French pastry which is served with coffee or tea. Relax in front of the fire in the library room along with a good book, have a drink in the delightful guest salon and top off the evening in the dining room with a delicious dinner and perhaps something tasty from the wine cellar.